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Maggie reviews Overlord (PC)

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Maggie said...

Really awesome game launched by Codemasters in 2007.
Basicaly we are ressurected by an horde of minions to be the next Overlord of this fantasy world and our aim is to regain the control of the realm by colecting items stolen from our tower after the previous overlord dismiss (actually he was killed), and by completing quests that go from release a group of villagers to explore new parts of the realm.
In this game we start controling 1 of a total of 4 different kinds of minions (browns,reds,greens and blues) each kind of minions have their own special habilities that help us to overcome the problems we meet in our path to control the realm, the puzzles basicaly go around this...we need to figure out what kind of minions to use in every situation.
Beside the awesome graphics and game interface the keen dark humor is just suberb. One game that every gamer should have in his collection.

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Overlord (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 26/JUN/07
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Yes, I agree.. in collection and playing this fabulous game.
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